Ravena-Coeymans Historical Society

Ravena-Coeymans Historical Society

Ravena Coeymans Historical SocietyOur mission is to collect, preserve and display history from the Coeymans and Ravena area.

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  • Ravena-Coeymans Historical Society

    PO Box 324

    Ravena, New York 12143

    Joe Boehlke, Curator/Historian

    phone: 518-756-9395

    email: joe4731@aol.com

    Dave Ross, Vice President

    phone: 518-756-2501

    Ralph Biance, President

    phone: 518-756-2436

    email: rbdiggerodell@aol.com

  • The Museum is open every Thursday (except holidays) from 1pm to 3pm or you may call for an appointment to tour the Museum.